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ProSource Foam Roller

The prosource foam roller is a unique, one-of-a-kind roller that provides muscle massage physical therapy-style waves of pain and support. It's perfect for those with various types of pain, from those who just want to feel good about themselves to those who have more advanced pain conditions. The roller also supports balance exercises and stabilizes pilates classes.

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The prosource foam roller is a high-quality roller that is perfect for treatments based on the? it features a speckled finish that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The roller is also high in density and has been designed for use in trigger point massage and muscle therapy.
the prosource foam roller is a high-density speckled foam rollers orange 36 that is perfect for a massage or muscle therapy treatment. It is made of smooth-ribboned materials that are made to be gentle and safe for the skin. The roller is adjustable to fit any surface, and comes with a travel-safe bag. It has a comfortable design with an himing sleeve and an adjustable speed. The roller is also equipped with a variety ofarna tips and is capable of ±3g range.